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Self Employed Supermarket.com

Self Employed Supermarket.com

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Selfemployedsupermarket.com was created to link those companies and businesses who are looking for people who want self employed opportunities, with proper training and support and not to be left on their own. This is for those people who want to remain self employed and for those, who in a changing world, want a change of direction.

To be self employed with support, guidance, training and assistance, to be active, and working whilst getting paid what they are worth for the hours that they work and the effort that they put in. To be paid weekly or monthly commissions and bonuses. As a primary or secondary income, self employment is exactly what it says it is. Click and look inside, see what choices are on the shelves, visit the companies that want to work with you and leave your details for an interview or more information. You can do this for more than one opportunity.


The creators of this site found that recruitment agencies did not always offer the quantity or quality of opportunities that self employed people are looking for. Therefore in order to provide those people who have the entrepreneurial skills and interpersonal skills and want to work, this site was created.

With ever increasing redundancies and unemployment it was felt that these people deserved a choice and for some a change of direction - jobs for life seem to be a thing of the past. All we have done here is to expand something that has always been available but not given the recognition self employment deserves for the skills it offers.

It is felt that more and more employers will be moving towards flexible working with self employed contracts, and moving away from the more traditional employed role.


  • Once you have your new business set up, we can connect you with people and companies who provide the services and support that you will need whilst being self employed - click here to find out more and get in touch with them for free.

  • Enjoy your shopping


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